Dr. David Huynh
Response of a dynamically forced turbulent boundary layers to a compliant surface

Dr. Jonathan Morgan
Turbulent boundary layers over idealized roughness

Dr. Kevin Rosenberg
Resolvent-based modeling of flows in a channel.

Dr. Sean Symon
Reconstruction and estimation of flows using resolvent analysis and data-assimilation.

Dr. Tess Saxton-Fox
Coherent structures, their interactions, and their effects on passive scalar transport and aero-optic distortion in a turbulent boundary layer.

Dr. Subrahmanyam Duvvuri
Non-linear scale interactions in a forced turbulent boundary layer.

Dr. Reeve Dunne
Experiments in dynamic separation applied to vertical axis wind turbines.

Rebecca Rought
Identification of thermally-tagged coherent structures in the zero pressure gradient turbulent boundary layer.

Fabien Juillet
École Polytechnique exchange student.

Dr. Ian Jacobi
Dynamic roughness effects in turbulent boundary layers.

Dr. Adam Norman
Effect of surface morphological changes on flow over a sphere.

Jean-Frederic Bruhat
Diploma student, Ecole Polytechnique

Dr. Esteban Hufstedler
Experimental Generation and Modeling of Vortical Gusts and Their Interactions with an Airfoil.

Nicolas Dovetta
École Polytechnique exchange student

Dr. Jean-Loup Bourguignon
Models of wall turbulence.

Dr. Jeff Lehew
Morphing surfaces and wall turbulence.

Dr. Dennice Gayme
A robust control approach to understanding nonlinear mechanisms in shear flow turbulence (advisor: John Doyle)

Andre Bauknecht
Diploma student, University of Stuttgart

Postdoctoral Alumni

Kevin Rosenberg
Resolvent-based modeling of flows in a channel.

Dr. Daniel Chung
Analysis of long LES in long channels

Scott Dawson

Dr. Sergiy Geraschenko
Surface Excrescence Transition Study

Dr. Michele Guala
Scale interaction in high Reynolds number turbulent boundary layers.

Dr. Mitul Luhar
Understanding and developing passive/active control strategies for drag reduction in wall turbulence.

Dr. Rashad Moarref
Low-order modeling and description of high-Reynolds-number wall turbulence.

Dr. Ryan Wallace

Undergraduate Alumni

Maria Hernandez (2018)
Caltech/Base 11 AMP, Santa Monica College

Andrew Nwuba (2018)
SUNY Stonybrook class of 2019

Christine Yu (2018)
Caltech class of 2021

Alfonso Mares (2017)
Caltech/Base 11 AMP, Pasadena City College

Morgan Jones (2017)
Trinity University

Alex Wuschner (2017)
Caltech class of 2020

Chris Bradley (2016)
Caltech class of 2017

Brian Franklin (2016)

Alina Rai (2016)
Caltech/Base 11 AMP, Skyline Community College

Monica Li (2015)
Caltech class of 2016

Juliane Priemesberger (2015)
Caltech class of 2016

Hannah Walsh (2014)
Caltech class of 2015

Edward Guzmann (2013)
Cal Poly Pomona class of 2014

Tim McDonald (2013)
Caltech class of 2013

Fred Miller (2013)
Imperial College London class of 2013

Simon Todtli (2013)
ETH Zurich

Melissa Christensen (2010)
UCSD class of 2013

Brad Saund (2010)
Caltech class of 2012

Vicky Tian (2010)
Caltech class of 2013

Cody Gonzalez (2009, 2010)
Cal Poly class of 2012

Laura Armanios (2009)
Georgia Tech class of 2011

Fei Yang (2009)
Caltech class of 2011

Laura Armanios (2008)
Georgia Tech class of 2011

Kevin Chen (2008)
Caltech class of 2009

Philip Peschke (2008)
RWTH Aachen, Germany, class of 2009

Brandon Reynante (2008)
UCSD class of 2009

Daniel Talancon (2008)
Caltech class of 2009

Jackson Wang (2008)
Caltech class of 2009

Josh Feingold (2007)
Caltech class of 2008

Christine Siew (2007)
U. Mich. class of 2008

Chris Yu (2007)
Caltech class of 2008