Proceedings (Speakers in the order in which they presented)

Friction: an introduction to the workshop
Beverley McKeon, California Institute of Technology
Introduction to the hypothesis
John McCoy, Catholic University of America
Scaling for flow over smooth and rough surfaces
Lex Smits, Princeton University
Self-excited instabilities in the sliding of two elestic bodies with a constant friction coefficient
George Adams, Northeastern University
Some thoughts and experience on friction at a solid/fluid interface
Roger Simpson, Virginia Tech.
Dynamic rupture and instabilities in a frictional interface
Laurent Baillet, LGIT-UJF University of Grenoble
Adnan Akay, National Science Foundation
Fluid response to skin friction in turbulent boundary layers
Ivan Marusic, University of Melbourne
Some thoughts on an interpretative model of friction based on energy removal from interface regions
Antonio Carcaterra, University of Rome "La Sapienza"
Logistic dose curves for friction factors and Virtual Nikuradse
Dan Joseph, University of Minnesota
Computational evidence for the stress-carrying structures in the logarithmic layer
Javier Jimenez, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Friction in microchannel flows
Jerzy Blawzdziewicz, Yale University
The development of roughness scaling parameters
Karen Flack, United States Naval Academy
Friction problems in earthquake source mechanics
George Mavroeidis, Catholic University of America
Friction: wet and dry
William Schultz, National Science Foundation


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